About Me


Hey there, Im Ryan…

I’ve have been associated with photography in one single form or another (although after I was younger I called it “picture taking”). I had been the go to person to take that family image or if someone needed an image of somebody, I was the person that probably had it. As excellent and reliable others believed I was, technology, knowledge and the real artwork of photography was international to me, till I acquired my 1st DSLR camera along with a whole new earth was exposed to me. During the last few years I’ve been taking photography seriously; training, understanding, exploring and capturing like crazy lol.

Another love of mine is currently getting on what I want, the best offer. I love bargain shopping, researching ad comparing items to ensure that I obtain the cost effective, wonderful that is alright – the cheapest price – but why spend more for that same task? Investing hours online searching, comparing specifications and costs is what I it is an odd way, healing for me and am quite ready to do.

The entire world of photography is amazing, but there is too much to discover. ‘not so new but nevertheless and I wish to support any fresh with what I am still learning in what I have learned to learn’ photographer and wanting. Goods and every one of the data out there makes it seem overwhelming but don’t fear that’s what I’m here for.

I’m here to make things easier (and cheaper) for you personally!

Please feel free to tips, reveal remarks, interests, or other things associated with photography and that I can get back. I enjoy the conversation!